Training & Nutrition Myths Debunked

Ditch the carbs. Work out hard. REWARD YOURSELF WITH all-you-can-EAT MEAL. Exercise every day. These are some of the tales you’ve heard and here’s why you shouldn’t follow them.  By Mitch Felipe Mendoza

1 “I need to do more cardio first before I start or resume resistance training so I can lose weight faster.”

Weight loss is more effective if combined with resistance training so you can build muscles, which are responsible for speeding up metabolism, thus burning more calories so that you lose weight faster.

“I will take out bread and rice from my diet so I can lose weight and get fitter.”

Remove starch like rice and bread from your diet, and you’ll lack the energy to exercise.  Your body will also crave sweets like cakes and pastries, which are higher in calories.  Choose brown rice which contains more fiber than white rice, and control your portions.

3 “Since I did more than an hour of cardio today, I can reward myself with the all-you-can-eat buffet.”

Exercise does not give you a free pass to eat whatever you want.  If your goals are to control your weight and improve your performance, then this calls for more effort in disciplining yourself when it comes to eating. A 1,500-calorie pizza and pasta meal will negate the 500-calories you burned running for more than an hour on the treadmill.

4 “To lose weight, I need to stop eating before 6 p.m.”

Your last meal of the day depends on the time you go to bed. Eat three hours before your sleeping time to avoid hunger pangs at night. If you eat too early and sleep too late, there’s a bigger chance of getting hungry later in the evening that leads to unnecessary binge-eating. You can still lose weight as long as you eat the recommended amount of food needed for you to achieve your weight goals.

5 “Protein powders and supplements will help me gain more muscle.”

You can definitely get the right amount of protein needed by your body from real foods such as milk, egg, poultry, red meat, seafood and even starch like rice. It’s way better to eat natural foods containing important vitamins and minerals than relying too much from supplements. Make it a habit to enjoy healthy, nutritious meals.

6 “It’s better to exercise on an empty stomach to speed up weight loss.”

Exercising on an empty stomach early in the morning is okay if your workouts are short and moderate in intensity. However, doing exercise, or long runs, and bike rides for hours without eating a light pre-workout meal such as bread and banana will affect your training performance,as well as your energy levels, and your recovery.

7 “I will do whatever it takes so I can train early in the morning even if I lack sleep.”

Getting the right amount of sleep (seven to eight hours) is as important as having the right amount and type of diet and physical activity.  Less than six hours of sleep before a training session or race won’t lead to the best training session the next day.  Sleep is very important for recovery, weight management, and exercise performance.

8 “I can train hard and eat less on weekdays so I can treat myself on weekends.”

Avoiding excess and extremes are important in eating and exercise so you can make healthy living a lifestyle. If you’re too hard on yourself on weekdays and splurge on weekends, your mind and body are not trained to behave in moderation. Overeating usually results as a way to cope with burnout from overtraining and stressors.

9 “To achieve my training goals, I will exercise every day no matter what.”

Recovery is vital to training.  After a hard workout, allow at least a day or two of rest in a week so your body can take some time to recharge.  This will make your performance stronger, better, and you can avoid injuries and burnout.

10 “Walking is not an effective form of exercise for weight control.”

Walking helps you burn extra calories. It can be a more effective form of exercise in weight control and fitness improvement if you do it continuously and at a faster pace that increases your heart rate. Walking is especially beneficial for sedentary people who are jumpstarting an active lifestyle.

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