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Top 3 Tips for the Aboitiz Triathlon

ABOITIZ-ICON3Use a Large Cassette 
This course is famous (or infamous) for its long and steep climb. While it may seem insurmountable at first, having the right gear will make things a lot easier. Most rear derailleurs can accept 27t or 28t cogs; long cage versions accept up to 32t. You may also use a compact crank if you want a lighter gear ratio.

ABOITIZ-ICON2Stay Hydrated
Since the race takes place in the afternoon, expect a very hot race. Proper hydration starts before the race. Upon waking until noon time, consume enough water and electrolytes to prevent severe cramping or dehydration.

The race ends in the late afternoon. For those who don’t know, this race has one of the best after parties in town! Good food, music, and beer await the finishers. To maximize the entire experience, it’s highly recommended to book a room. This will allow you to enjoy the party (and booze) without worrying about the trip home!

Registration to Aboitiz Triathlon 2016 will close on July 31. Make sure to sign up now at:

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