Subic Bay, Here We Come!

First-time and returning triathletes share why they look forward to racing the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 on March 12, 2017



Age Group: 40-44


1st-timer (individual), Century Tuna Ironman 70.3; did the bike leg for relay team in the same race 2015

The challenge: the dreaded uphill ride to Tipo road

Looking forward to: the underpants run before the actual race

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: Two months; started 2nd week of January

Preparations done: Swim every other day. Bike twice a week and run daily.

Can’t race without: PSI customized Aerosuit (swim); Trek Speed Concept Tri Bike; HOKA Cliftons (run)



Filipino Elite

Team: Motor Ace Kawasaki; 2nd year of joining this race; 6th place, 4:47:12 (2015)

The challenge: The bike leg.

Last year, I had a hard time managing the headwind and crosswind and ended up with leg cramps

Looking forward to: Improving my time from last year.

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: Two months

Preparations done: I’m focusing on the  bike segment by doing more hill repeat workouts, since the Subic 70.3  route is a more of an up-and-down course.

Can’t race without: Garmin Fenix 3; Aquasphere goggles (swim); Blue Triad SL Limited Edition (bike); Asics Tartherzeal 4 (run)


Age Group: 45-49

Team: Century TriHard

3rd year of joining this race; 5th place, 6:30:44 (2015); 4th place, 6:10:27 (2016)

The challenge: Swim training in a cold pool in January and February; hectic office schedule since 1st quarter of the year is when companies close their books.

Looking forward to: do a PR

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: Since January 2017

Preparations done: 3x a week swim, 2x a week bike, 3x a week run

Can’t race without: TYR goggles (swim); PARLEE TTi bike, ENVE racing wheel set; and Newton Distance shoes (run)


Age Group: 55-59

Team: Team Red Cross; finished 2014 Century Tuna 5150 (3:41:07)

The challenge: Making time to train while managing my company.

Looking forward to: It’s my first 70.3 for the year.

I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and it’s another well-organized race by Sunrise Events.

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: 2nd week of February

Preparations done: AM: 1 hour pool swim, PM: back-to-back spin classes at Electric Studio and alternate swim with run every other day; 5-hour train session on Saturday and Sunday.

Can’t race without: 2XU swim speed suit (swim); Cervelo P5X (bike); and Zoot Men’s Ultra Tempo 6.0 running shoes


Age Group: 20-24

Team: Masumax-Unison; 3rd year of joining this race; 4th place, 2015 (6:13:17); 2016 (6:16:33)

The challenge: The run course especially going to Dungaree Beach

Looking forward to: The bike course.

I love hilly races.

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: My usual training duration is 2 months, but this year, I only started my training on the first week of February.

Preparations done: Developing endurance with quality speed intervals.

Can’t race without: Aqua Sphere K180 goggles (swim); and Garmin 920XT; Giant Trinity Advance SL, Rudy Project Wing 57 helmet, Rudy Project Rydon Clear Lens shades, Scott Tri Pro cycling shoes (bike); Compressport socks and calf compression, ON Cloudsurfer running shoes (run)


Age Group: 30-34

Team: Gotta

Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 2017 is her first-ever half-Ironman distance

The challenge in training: Not being able to run for three weeks because of shin injury; overcoming fear of the water after near-drowning incidents when I was younger

Looking forward to: Seeing how far I can push my body. I’ve only done two Olympic distance races and have only recently learned how to swim.

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: Since January 5. But since I’ve been nursing a shin injury for the past 2.5 weeks, I haven’t been training as hard as I should be.

Preparations done: My coaches Ige Lopez and Noy Basa adjusted my training programs because of my injury. I’m also doing a lot of yoga. It helps with the mental toughness needed for this sport.

Can’t race without: Aquasphere Kayman goggles (swim);  Trek 2017 Speed Concept (bike); Adidas Pure Boost zg (run)


Age Group: Female 25-29

Team: David’s Salon

3rd time joining this race; 2nd place AG (6:08:23) in 2015; clocked in at 6:25:47 in 2016

The challenge: Gain confidence racing a 70.3 distance on the same level I feel about an Olympic distance. No bonking and completing the race in decent time. In 2016, I cramped during the run after I missed my order of nutrition during the bike. I exerted more effort than I should’ve during the bike leg.

Looking forward to: Seeing if I did improve from the same race in the past two years and if my training is effective.

Weeks/months spent training for CT Ironman 70.3 2017: Since January.

Preparations done: Learning from 2015 and 2016, I made sure that my training program for 2017 will be even for all three disciplines. For the pre-season (September to December), my training focused on muscle building and strengthening, ranging from trail running to spin classes, kettlebells, and circuit training. I added on mileage for the swim, bike, and run by January.

Can’t race without: Funkita Midnight Rider goggles (swim); Specialized Transition 2015 bike, Enve Wheelset, Sidi T3 bike shoes, Oakley Radar shades, and Bontrager Ballista Helmet (bike); New Balance Fresh Foam  shoes (run)

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