Double the Trouble

As part of a bigger effort to introduce the Powerman brand to the Philippine duathlon scene, two races are offered this year, each designed to appeal to more participants, from newbies to veterans

The country’s duathlon community is growing and has produced world-class duathletes like Mirasol Cabelenio, John Leerams Chicano, Robinson Estevez, and John Valdez. But what was lacking in the Philippine calendar was a defining internationally-branded duathlon. This is why Powerman is in full force this year by bringing the 10km run- 60km bike- 10km run event to the Philippines. Holding it validates our athletes’ capability on a world-class racing stage.

“Powerman Philippines 2016 is the first and only International duathlon in the country,” said Michael Owen Gan, president of F&F International Events Group, Inc, the organizer of the race series. “It’s given every Filipino runner, cyclist, and duathlete a chance to raise their level of racing onto the international scene and compete among the best professional duathletes of the world,” he added.

The two races this year are: 

Powerman Philippines 2016  ASIAN INVITATIONAL

November 20, SM By the Bay

About the race

The Anytime Fitness Powerman PH Asian Invitational presented by Maybank (5K-30K-5K) at the SM Mall of Asia grounds is popular among a group of multisport athletes very dear to Powerman, the first-time duathletes. These are the runners and the cyclists new in the scene and eager to experience the fulfilment that comes from directing their fitness activities towards finishing a race.

About the venue 

The SM Mall of Asia has one of the trademark characteristics of a Powerman race; that is racing within cities and towns, in a natural setting that’s accessible and free to be enjoyed by spectators. Its familiar settings and flat run and bike courses are welcome race conditions for the first-timer, while offering the challenge of a technical course to the seasoned duathlete.


December 3-4, Clark, Pampanga

About the race

The Maybank World Series (10K-60K-10K) at the Clark Freeport Zone, is  considered a “Classic Distance” course for the seasoned duathlete or multisport enthusiast looking into testing their skills in an international series and racing amongst the world’s best. 

The Clark leg offers a Short Course (5K-30K-5K) to newer racers seeking to level-up the challenges of their duathlons by racing in parts of the same course as that of the Classic distance.    

About the venue

The Clark Freeport Zone gave access to a race venue which increases the challenge. Athletes must be smart in running the first 10K of the rolling Clark grounds to be able to start strong on the 60K bike leg. This leg opens up onto the SCTex highway, promising fast splits, before settling back into the final run leg within the wide, well-paved streets of the Clark Freeport locale.

The Powerman Philippines 2016 will be a qualifying race for the 2016 World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland. Filipino and foreign duathletes who race the Maybank World Series in Clark can earn points to qualify for the final race of the series.

On safety and security of race routes

All Powerman races around the world are organized within a standard set of procedures and raced under strict regulations supervised by the International Powerman Association (IPA) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU). The athlete’s safety on the race course and how they are supported with adequate hydration and nutrition are paramount.   

Road closures and thorough traffic management by the Course Traffic and Marshall teams in cooperation with the local government units are key. Areas for spectator crowds are identified within the race venues to ensure that they are able to watch the race and maximize the experience while ensuring that they are placed out of the danger from the ongoing race, just as athletes are protected from unintended intrusions into the course by their supporters. The governing rules likewise provide for a proper ratio of emergency medical response teams, to the identified size of the race, strategically positioned along the race course venue.

up close with GAEL LE BELLEC

How does it feel being a back-to-back Powerman champion? 

It was a big surprise when I won the world championships for the first time in my first year in duathlon. What happened since is still unexpected. I can feel the chance I have to live these wonderful experiences all around the world and especially in the Philippines.

How did your 2016 racing year go?   

I’ve been doing a few races from February to June but had to stop for three months because I became a dad in July, and was injured in August. I was not able to compete at the World Championships this year to try and win a third world title. Powerman Philippines 2016 will be my first race since June, after five months without competing.

How long did you prepare for this race? 

I started training in mid-October so I’ll have nearly two months of training for the race. I’m starting very low because of a long period of inactivity. I have to build up the basics with a big endurance program and then build my speed up with a few road running races.

What’s your goal for this year? 

I was 4th last year so I’d be very happy to finish on the podium this year.

What are you expecting with Powerman Philippines 2016? 

I’m looking forward to see what the organizing team has achieved again this year. It was amazing to see how fast they made the event grow since I first visited in 2015. Raymund Magdaluyo and his F and F Team have the abilities to make duathlon an important sport here and all around the world.

Tell us about the 24×24 Power Training Program. 

The 24×24 program was made  for people participating in the Powerman Philippines’ short and classic distance. The aim was to allow people to push their maximum potential in these races. Everyone is born with capacities, sometimes not properly explored. Everybody can benefit from the program, taking into consideration their timetable, motivation, and aim for the race. The partnership with Anytime Fitness benefits FIlipinos who live in the city. At Anytime Fitness you can work out as much as you want, as hard as you want! 

Who are the star athletes you’re keeping your eyes out for in the duathlon? 

The number of top-level athletes is increasing slowly but with good quality. Because very few athletes are professional, it takes time to bring strong athletes into this amazing sport. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the athletes. Duathlon is a big family, we don’t see each other much during the year but it´s always a pleasure. I especially like to talk with Emma Pooley as I was a cyclist for 10 years and because I’m the coach of a women’s cycling team (Team Breizh Ladies) in France. She definitely is the toughest athlete of us all.

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