Your A-race may be over, or you’ve got an Ironman coming up, or you’re a newbie getting into the tri game. Here’s why you should consider joining Aboitiz Tri 2016 on September 3!

If you’re not a morning person, or you’d like to take a break from getting up at the crack of dawn while still getting your training and racing fix, the Aboitiz Tri is IT. Now on its third year, it’s the only triathlon on the Philippine calendar with a 2 p.m. gun start, world-class race organization, and training clinics by none other than four-time triathlon world champion, Chris McCormack.

Aboitiz Tri is organized by Bike King, a premiere multi-sport and cycling race organizer in the country, and is sponsored by Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. with the support of its subsidiaries AboitizPower, UnionBank, and WeatherPhilippines. 

It’s a much-awaited Olympic-distance triathlon featuring a unique point-to-point course in and around Pico De Loro Cove and the Nasugbu-Ternate Highway.

An endless view of the West Philippine Sea provides a breathtaking backdrop as triathletes do the 1.5-kilometer swim leg from Pico de Loro Beach. Then, the challenge, as they bike up a short but steep hill to the highest point of Pico de Loro and on towards the three loops along Nasugbu-Ternate Highway, which leads them back to the Marina.

The point-to-point course makes the bike leg safer, since triathletes won’t have to go through the steep descent on the return to the resort

says Bike King’s race director and organizer Raul Cuevas. Finally, they run 10 kilometers of rolling hills and perform three loops around the Lagoon before reaching the finish line.

Prior to race day, get topnotch, practical triathlon tips from the champ himself. Chris MaccaMcCormack, who will be conducting exclusive training clinics on September 2 and 3 during race weekend in Pico de Loro Hamilo Coast.

Title sponsorship of the triathlon is in line with Aboitiz Equity Ventures’ “Better Worldcampaign, which comprises initiatives that promote health and well-being through sports and practical moves for a sustainable environment. This is an earth-friendly race,says Cuevas. We urge triathletes to bring their own water bottles that we will refill in the aid stations throughout the course,he adds.

We recommend you book overnight accommodations at Pico de Loro Hamilo Coast, the race venue, and make it a race-cation with family and friends. The buffet dinner and after-race party, featuring Elmer Dado and his Gruppo Tribale, are definitely post-race highlights to look forward to.

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Here’s what some returning athletes have to say about Aboitiz Tri:

ABOITIZ-ICON32Ed Francisco







Finish Times (Aboitiz Tri 2014/2015)

3:09:16 (2015; 3rd place AG)

3:03:13 (2014)

3:15:45 (2015; 2nd place AG)

3:23:36 (2014; 6th place AG)

4:02:19 (2015) I had a bad finish time but it was one of my most memorable races!

2:57:46 (2014) This was my first race two weeks after Ironman Melbourne. I felt really good and conditioned at that time.

Why are you a repeat participant?

Great venue and race organisation (Even after this one year I raced when it rained and became so slippery that I fell twice and had abrasions on both shoulders and arms. The second tlme, I crashed, and the medics didn’t allow me to continue as my helmet cracked.)

Aboitiz Tri feels like a vacation! It’s organized really well. I like the 2 p.m. gun start, which means I don’t have to wake up early and can choose to make it a day trip or stay overnight.

It’s a race-cation that the family can enjoy. It’s relaxed since it starts at 2 p.m. on a Saturday and ends before sunset.

Aboitiz Tri is Best For…

…all levels: beginners, intermediate, triathlete

…all skill levels. Newbies can test their mettle in calm open water on the swim, along with practicing uphills on the bike and run legs. Intermediates and professionals will enjoy upping their game with the course challenges.

…all types of triathletes. But even an experienced triathlete like me can still learn lessons. My finish time in 2015 was bad because I arrived in Pico exactly at gun start. I had to register, put my stuff and bike in T1, before I could join the swim. On the 2nd loop of the bike, I had a flat. I had a spare tube but didn’t have cO2 so I was stuck and it took awhile before I could fix the tire. But I was able to do a 53-minute 10k run off the bike.

I highly recommend joining the Aboitiz Tri because…

…of the after-lunch gun start, so it really tests your ability to manage the heat; the first bike climb is super-tough and challenging; the awarding and party are fun. People are friendly and the facilities are excellent.

…of that hill climb after T1! Really! Climbing up that hill on my bike still challenges me. Every time I manage to pass that section on my bike without getting off, I feel like a champion!

I love the run route and the crowd cheering you on. The bike course is another story. Great after-race party! The proximity to Manila makes it very convenient to keep on doing this race.

Target for 2016

3:05; I visualize improving but it still depends on the weather

I hope I can still finish at least under 3:20 this year. I was in better shape in 2015 because I was training for Ironman Arizona.

I will target a sub-3 or a 3:05. I hope to finish with a decent time compared to 2015. This will be part of my training for Ironman Barcelona in October.

Top Tips to Nail This Race

Strategy: Pace yourself specially on the bike course. Don’t worry about doing a run-walk on the last leg.

Training: Practice on hills.

Gear and Strategy: After your swim, enjoy the brief rest in T1. Once you get on the bike, make sure you’re already with the proper gearing and conserve your energy so you’re ready to scale that hill.

Training: Do a lot of hilly bike rides.

Gear and Strategy:

Make sure your bike is tuned and ready for the hilly course of Pico. Bigger cogs will definitely be useful and more comfortable on the climbs. Never try anything new unless you’ve trained with it. Don’t go so hard on the bike leg; pace yourself to preserve your legs for the start of the run which will be a long climb. Be extra careful on the downhill. Enjoy the run.


Yes. Foreigners, pro triathletes will enjoy the beach and mountain views.

Definitely! It’s easily accessible from Manila, the accommodations are great, and there’s a lot of beautiful beaches and coves to explore in Nasugbu.

Yes. The course can be challenging yet rewarding.

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Event’s official hashtag: #aboitiztri2016 #bikeking

Photos courtesy of Bike King, Robert Jonah B. Rivera, Lara Parpan

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