Endurance Cover – Jan 2017

Issue 31: January 2017

Your past year may have been brutal, beautiful, or boring, but 2017 gives you a chance to set new goals. To make the best use of your time considering your race goals and the fact that life gets in the way of triathlon, we asked six of the most respected coaches in the endurance sports community how to build up the right momentum as you train for those races.

This and more good reads about how you can get your mojo back for good this season. Copies available this week at various sports shops, fitness centers, and select races. Read it online by clicking below.#endurancemagph #CoachesToChampions

Art directed by Darlanne Ong

Photos by Jijo De Guzman

Get your free print copy at your favorite sports shops and fitness centers, or read the digital version below.

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