Blazing a Trail in Cycling Equipment

Seven-year Feedback Sports International sales manager Ford Isbey sits down with Endurance Sports & divulges his colorful journey with the premier cycling equipment brand, plus the exciting things that are in store for the company. 

Have you always been fascinated with bikes?

My first bike was a Schwinn Stingray banana seat with one of those three-speed shifters in the center. It was a Christmas present. As I grew older, I knew I would be in sales so I ventured into real estate. When we moved to Colorado, I became an avid cyclist and by then, I realized cycling was the path I wanted to tread. I competed before, but stopped since I had a bad crash. Feedback Sports allows me to work from home, plus travel too.

What’s your most memorable moment with Feedback Sports?

I would say our travels. Sometimes I pinch myself that I have a job that gives me the opportunity to travel. Our trip to Ecuador where our owner [Doug Hudson] and his wife competed in a mountain bike race was amazing. We got to stay at the base of the Cotopaxi Volcano and the terrain and scenery was just absolutely astounding.

What sets Feedback Sports apart from all the other cycling brands?

We’ve built our reputation on high quality. We are trusted by a lot of mechanics, teams, and consumers around the globe, mainly because we have very minimal product issues. We ensure a tight quality of product construction, pay attention to sales details, and build long-term relationships with our distributors.

Which of Feedback Sports’s outstanding products is your favorite?

All of our work stands have excellent function but the Pro-Elite Work Stand is my favorite.

What does it take to come up with a new product line?

We ensure that our products are 100 percent right before we bring them to the market. Our owner, Doug Hudson, has a masters in engineering and he’s very methodical. We look closely into the products’ details, hence their high quality and professional construction.

How do you use your customers’ comments to improve your products?

We get a lot of suggestions from consumers online through forums, blogs, and Facebook and we take them to heart. We respect the feedback from the mechanics in the field. We have products that we’ve given to mechanics for testing and got feedback thereafter.

How significant is social media to your business?

It’s huge. When we launched the Omnium trainer, I got texts from friends asking where they could purchase one. Social media has played a great role in connecting us directly to our customers and followers. We have a marketing department that manages everything, from monitoring Facebook and Twitter posts down to tracking our online statistics.

What do you think is the impact on the Philippine market of your 2016 product presentation?

For YKKBikes to be able to get all those dealers in one room and tell them about our brand at one time is huge. The Omnium trainer seemed to have drawn a tremendous amount of interest so if YKKBikes promotes it, I’m sure the dealers will feel the need to have a greater depth of Feedback Sports products in their store.

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Work Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Work Stand


Ford Isbey came to the Philippines for the first time last October 15 to grace the Full Speed Ahead and Feedback Sports’ Presentation for YKKBikes at the Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Here is our coverage of that event. 

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