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El Centro Ciudades Bike Park

Another reason to head to  Davao: a mountain bike trail that caters to both weekend warriors and adrenaline junkies  

Davao is known for its abundant natural resources and attractions. But it’s also rich outdoor activities for those in search of an adrenaline rush. Located 30 kilometers from Davao City in the Buhangin district is the El Centro Ciudades Bike Park. Track builder and professional mountain bike rider Parabanne Mendoza was commissioned to create Davao’s first bike park. El Centro Ciudades is a three-kilometer bike park with a 500-square meter pump track which caters to riders of all skill levels.

The bike park is a short-course that includes trail features like berms, wooden bridges, rollers, and intermediate climbs. A gap jump is offered to advanced riders at the end of each loop. Beginners will appreciate the enjoyable flow of the trail and experienced riders can put on more speed to get more thrills from the track. Several races and fun-rides have been held here and the course is ideal for cross country and 12 or 24 endurance racing formats.

The pump track is there, not to just provide fun riding in a small space, but to give riders a venue to improve their bike handling skills. With enough practice pumping the terrain and taking on the berms and rollers, riders can gain and maintain speed with hardly any pedaling. Those newly honed skills can be put to good use back in the bike park.


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Mandug Road, Buhangin District Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines

Open Daily 0600 to 1600

Entry Fee P30.00 (Monday-Thursday) / P50.00 (Friday-Sunday)


How to get there:

El Centro Ciudades Bike Park is located 30 kilometers from Davao City. It can be found in front of Las Palmas Verde in Mandug Road

Waze: Search: El Centro Sports & Activity Park

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/bDFHnH

Parabanne Mendoza | bike park designer

Meet El Centro Ciudades Bike Park’s designer, Parabanne Mendoza. An accomplished professional MTBer, his experience in riding and racing different trails is what influenced his interest in building tracks. Here are some of his notable accomplishments:

Philippine Team Member for Downhill MTB from 2003-2007

One of the top local elite downhill mountainbikers

Union Cyclist International (UCI) National Commissaire (cycling official)

Placed 6th in his international debut in 2013 MTB World Championships in South Africa

Only Filipino to represent the country in the 2014 World Championships in Norway

Technical consultant for mountain bike races and events

Board Director at the Bikes for the Philippines Foundation, that gives bikes to children who walk more than 3Km to get to school

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