The North Face Debuts New Outdoor Training Program and Apparel Line

To mark its 50th anniversary, The North Face unveiled its latest training platform— “Outdoor Training,” a new workout program consisting of dynamic warmups, endurance jumps, pushups and rotations, single-leg reaches, cross-steps, jump squats, and reverse planks.

Unlike static gyms, this training is set outdoors to stimulate the deepest potential in any athlete. “Outdoor Training” aims to help participants acquire newfound flexibility, balance, and strength to help you face any outdoor challenge.

The inauguration of “Outdoor Training” was held in Baguio City, known for its beautiful yet challenging terrain and cool climate. The event was graced by Tim Sedo, the brand’s regional marketing manager for Asia. Sedo’s 15 years of experience includes founding Shanghai’s first boutique marketing, design, and media agency dedicated to the promotion of action sports, youth/street culture, and lifestyle brands in China.

Free Outdoor Training Experience Throughout the Asia-Pacific Region

The North Face is offering free “Outdoor Training” experiences in many cities across the Asia-Pacific Region so that urban dwellers can get a taste of this new lifestyle and fitness experience. Join the first wave of “Outdoor Training” enthusiasts. Contact TNF Outdoor Training via its Facebook page, The North Face PH.

The launch of Outdoor Training was complemented by the debut of upgrades to its outdoor apparel, with improvements in windproof and waterproof performance, wearability, and quick-drying ability.


Among its exciting features:

Comprehensive Protection: Waterproof and Breathable

The jackets in this upgraded version are made with Windwall windproof fabric that promises durability, and also guarantees excellent resistance against strong winds. Their DWR (durable water repellent) treatment also makes them waterproof, ensuring a multi-layer protection. Plus points are the jackets’ built-in audio outlets, which address your entertainment needs while freeing your hands for training. Their zipper designs also allow for easy, compact packing.

Quick-Drying and Breathable

Made with Flashdry XD technology, the T-shirts in this new lineup have improved sweat absorption and temperature regulation.

Lightweight and Durable

The new products’ multi-function knit makes them more lightweight and durable so you can stay dry for longer hours under any “Outdoor Training” environment.

Fashion Meets Function

The lineup espouses a minimalistic silhouette in eye-catching colors.

Here is a sample of the brand’s new “Outdoor Training” gear:

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