Audax 200-km/300-km Brevet Ride

December 3, 2016 | Subic Bay 

Photos courtesy of Carmela Patricia Pearson

The sixth year of Audax Randonneurs Philippines ended on a high note with its biggest turnout yet of avid long-distance cyclists in the 200-km and 300-km Brevet ride through the towns of Zambales— 446 registered participants.

“I didn’t expect a huge turnout as I know a lot of people are now in off-season mode and getting into the groove of all the Christmas festivities,” said Carmela Patricia Pearson, race organizer of Audax Randonneurs Philippines.

Some 123 cyclists out of the 132 registered participants successfully finished the 300-km ride, while 274 participants out of 314 finished the 200-km ride.

The first official Audax ride in the Philippines was in 2010 with only 22 participants.“If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in the past few years, the Audax is truly a family affair. Such support system is extremely commendable and I am grateful to have witnessed this,” Pearson said.

Top 3 (300-km) 
9h:53m  Francis Arenas
10h:42m Robert San Miguel
11h:09m Joseph Lagman
Top 3 finishers (200-km)
6h:39m  Marlou Corum
6h:39m Lawrence Mendoza
6h:57m John Cerudo

The 2017 Audax season will kick off on January 28 with a 200-km ride in Rizal, dubbed as the “toughest 200-km ride in the country.”

View full race results and more info here.

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